Hypnobirthing Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email if you have any questions that you would like to ask about how Hypnobirthing works and how it will help you have a more comfortable, fear free birth but below are some of the more common questions that are frequently asked:

What exactly is Hypnobirthing?

My Hypnobirthing class is a stand alone childbirth education class that will teach you everything that you need to know to ensure that you will have the  shortest and most comfortable birth possible for you.  During the classes I will teach you how to use your mind to work with your body and not against it, this is done by teaching you self hypnosis.  Don’t be worried by the word ‘hypnosis’ all it means is deep relaxation and visualisation and I will teach you how to do this.

This is my second baby can I still use Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is suitable whether it is your first or subsequent baby.  In fact, if you have had a bad experience in a previous birth Hypnobirthing will definitely help you have a less stressful time when it comes round to having your next baby.

When is the best time to start my Hypnobirthing class?

Anytime after 20 weeks is fine.  Don’t worry if you are quite late on in your pregnancy you can still opt for a Hypnobirthing labour and birth, in fact I have had women come to me who have been as far on as 37 weeks and they have still found Hypnobirthing to be helpful.

Can you guarantee me an absolutely pain free labour and birth?

No I cannot and I would never promise that to you as I do not have a crystal ball but what I do promise is that I will give you the tools so that you are able to have the most comfortable, natural birth possible for you and your baby but you must practice the Hypnobirthing techniques that you are shown. The majority of Hypnobirthing Mums do have births that are not so painful and more often than not require no pain relief or sometimes use a very mild form such as gas and air.  Unfortunately, approximately 5% of women will require some sort of medical assistance with the birth of their baby and if this does happen to you; you will still find the Hypnobirthing techniques you have learned invaluable because they will enable you to stay in calm and in control.

Can I bring my partner?

Yes, the course is aimed at the Mother to be and her birthing companion, this could be her partner, good friend or mother – in fact any person that makes you feel comfortable and you want them to be part of your baby’s. The fee that you pay covers the cost for both of you to attend the classes.

Is there too much to learn by doing the course in one weekend?

I have found over time that people find it easier to programme the course for one weekend, otherwise if it is spaced out a few hours over several weeks, people get side tracked by work, social engagements, babysitting issues if they have other children, etc. and then they miss vital parts of the course.  By blocking out one weekend you will find that you are totally focused and should you have any questions after the course I am always available to explain.

How many couples are there in the group classes?

All of my classes are small because I want to ensure that you do get full attention, therefore, I never go above 5 couples.

Where are the classes held?

They are usually held in Caterham but the venue depends on the numbers attending the class.  VIP clients will always be seen in my very comfortable office, which is in Carterham.

What would you advise me to wear for the Hypnobirthing classes?

It is advisable for you and your partner to wear something that you feel really comfortable in, so as to ensure that you get the most from the relaxation exercises.